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Election Day is finally here: Perspectives from the Back Row

Eight months ago, running for the Utah State Board wasn't even on my radar. I consider my current Board Member, Laura Belnap, a good friend. She is responsive and kind when I text her in the middle of meetings. She answers my questions and listens to my concerns. I was happy to support her for another term. I'm pretty sure without her invitation to run and without her support, I never would have jumped into the race. She has set an amazing example to me of what it takes to be a good board member.

I'm grateful for the opportunities and challenges the last eight months has provided. There are amazing people out there who care deeply about the state of public education in our State. Moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, teachers and administrators have all reached out to me to share their concerns and desires. I think we all want a safe environment for our children. We need them to learn the basics of language arts, mathematics and science. We want them to learn to be good citizens and understand the mistakes of the past, so we can prepare for our future.

Even with all the focus on the social issues of today, I still maintain the platform I shared the first week of campaigning. The Utah public education system needs engaged families, quality teachers, strong leadership, positive school climate and rigorous standards. If we can stay focused on these five areas - our children can thrive. If we get sidetracked and focused on the wrong things, we will not provide the right learning environment for our students.

Please take the time to have your voice heard. If you have not yet voted, there is still time. You can drop your ballot at any secure drop box location (until 8pm) or vote in-person (be in line by 8pm and bring a valid photo ID).

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