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The Waiting Game

Well, here we are … through the hard work of SO many supporters and my family, we did it. We made it out of the Primary and we're on to the general election in November. Thank you! Thank you! While we are in this waiting game, I'm going to share with you my random thoughts about what's happening at the Utah State Board of Education. I'm calling it Perspectives from the Back Row, because I'm not a part of the Board discussions and much like you, I'm listening, learning, and contacting my board member when I have a concern. I hope you'll follow along with me and let me know what areas concern you. I'm pretty sure you won't want a play-by-play of 12 hour meetings, so I will be highlighting some of the the things that stand out to me. I have to admit I'm pretty partial to Standards and Accountability. I will probably use this opportunity to share some of the other things I'm doing in the next few months through my volunteer position. Like today, I attended the Get Health Utah Active Living Partner Group Meeting. There were over a dozen organizations who attended to talk about how to encourage children and adults to be more physically active. They talked about a program through the USU Extension Services called Marathon Kids. It's a program that encourages families to track their movement and run a marathon through minutes or miles. I'm amazed by how many good people there are trying to encourage others to do good things.

Thanks for your support and I hope you'll join me on the Back Row now and then! See you soon.

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